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Literacy Corps

Today, fewer Americans are likely to earn a diploma than their parents, a distinction not shared by any other industrialized country. To address this, we have joined United Way's ambitious national goal to recruit one million volunteer readers, tutors and mentors to improve childhood literacy and education over the next five years.

Char-Em United Way has launched a “Literacy Corps” to recruit 150 volunteers to read to, mentor and tutor local kids. We target early grade literacy to give kids the best start possible toward a successful life.

Locally, we are partnering with libraries, schools and other agencies to promote reading and learning skills with area children. The initial focus will be on preschool and elementary age students.

Developing reading proficiency at an early age is a key factor in high school graduation.  Students who aren't strong readers by 4th grade are at risk of educational failure and are more likely than their peers to drop out of high school.  We believe - with the help of local volunteers - we can put local kids on the path to success.

Over the coming years, United Way's Education Initiative and volunteer activities will be expanded to encompass additional activities promoting education at all grade levels and in non-school settings.  Training and support will be provided for all volunteers joining the effort.

Schools and other youth-serving agencies:

Let us know what your needs are for volunteers to work with children and youth.

Please email with your volunteer needs.


Anyone interested in volunteering as a Literacy Corps member, please register at Volunteer Connections.  You will be provided with training and support. Training dates TBD. Contact for more info.