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Char-Em United Way

STB 2017 Teacher Competition

STB 2017 Teacher Competition

CEUW knows how important our teachers are to building a strong community. So this year, we are trying a new crowdfunding competition to support teachers.

To sign up, click here or visit

After you register, it will ask you to customize your homepage. Here is a script you are welcome to use! (The default wording is to raise money for CEUW, not for your classroom.)

Script idea:


Char-Em United Way is helping teachers raise money for their rooms with the 2017 Stuff the Bus school supply drive. Teachers are competing to get the most backers! The winning teacher will receive a basket of supplies for their room, in addition to receiving the funds raised. Let's stretch your dollar and fill my classrooms with the needed school supplies for the new year!

Support my room by donating today!

All donations are tax deductible and accepted through September 8th.

And don't forget that supply donation bins are available across the area, so you can also support our students by filling the bins with school supplies. Visit for a list of drop off locations, and look for the big yellow school buses on September 1st!


We encourage sharing YOUR page out on social media and through what ever other ways you can contact people! Send it to your room parents, former students, to your friends and family.  Every little bit matters! Also please tag us in any posts, and we can share it on our social media as well. There is a special text-to-donate code for each teacher- it is Back2School followed by a number that is unique to your room.

Please share this opportunity with other teachers in your building. We hope to be able to stock all of your rooms full of supplies for the new year!

If you have any questions, just let us know: