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Char-Em United Way

NCMC Workforce Campaign for United Way

2018/19 NCMC Pledge Form

Welcome to the 2018/19 North Central Michigan College
Employee Pledge Drive.

Thank you for choosing to support  Char-Em United Way through Easy Payroll Deduction!
To pay by credit card,
click here

Questions?  Contact Employee Pledge Drive Coordinator: Kathy Bardins,


Notice: This form is for NCMC employees only.

How much would you like to have deducted each pay period? (Example: $1, $2, $5, $10, etc.)
Enter the Number of Pay Periods. (Example: 24, 26, 52, etc.)
Multiply the Amount Per Pay Period by the Number of Pay Periods. (Example: $2 x 26 = $52, $5 x 26 = $130, $10 x 26 = $260)

 The United Way Community Investment Fund is the most powerful way to invest your contribution. A group of local volunteers from your county will review program grant requests from United Way affiliate agencies to determine how to distribute Community Investment Funds. To select this option, click on the checkbox next to "Community Investment Fund."

If you prefer, you may designate your contribution to a specific affiliate/partner agency. To choose this option, click on the checkbox next to "Affiliate/Partner Agency" and type in the name of the agency you wish to support.

If you selected "Affiliate/Partner Agency" above, please specify the agency you wish to support by selecting it here. If you would like to support multiple agencies, please specify the names of the agencies in the Comments section below.
If you selected "Other United Way" above, please type in the name of the United Way you would like to support.

 By clicking on the "Submit" button you are authorizing North Central Michigan College to process your payroll deduction.

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