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Char-Em United Way

Preschool stories from ALICE

Char-Em United Way invests in the children of Charlevoix & Emmet counties to give them the experience they need to enter kindergarten on par with thier peers.  Many "ALICE" households are unable to pay for quality childcare, which serves two purposes; it gives the children the start they need, and it gives parents the ability to find and maintain employment.

Here are some notes we've recieved from parents:

"I was happy to see him learn to write his letters with success, learn the roles of the classroom, play & understand other kids, & respond to other adults. His verbal skills have greatly improved since being in preschool. We are happy to have been given this opporutnity."

"Thank you for the preschool support. I am very thankful for this opportunity! This has laid the foundation for my daughter to want to participate in school. She enjoyes every aspect and her relationships are strong. Thank you so much, this expereince changed our lives"

"I think if I was unable to get this scholarship, my son would still talk "baby talk". He's able to interact with kids his own age. I am a single parent with one child, having him in school helped more than you know."

"My son loves to go to school, he looks forward to it every morning. He has become more independant and has learned so much so fast while being in school this year. Thank you for your help, without this scholarship he owuldn't have been able to go this year."