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Grace Lawton on using

What did you like about MyFreeTaxes?


It was free first of all.


It was incredibly user friendly.


I like how it has hover overs for almost everything that you could have a question for. It did not leave you feeling lost or confused or having to look up what different things meant. It did not make me feel like I had to figure out all of it on my own or with help from someone who knows how to do it.


How was it easier than how you used to file your taxes?

While I used MyFreeTaxes to file my first taxes (luckily) I have learned how to file them by paper, and that process is not fun at all. Takes so much longer and you have to figure out all the different things they are asking for you. With MyFreeTaxes I was able to do it all so much quicker and it was partially automated so I did not have to type in some of the same stuff over and over again.


Do you think other college students need to know about this? Why?

I really do think most if not all college students should use MyFreeTaxes to file their taxes because it is so user friendly and it saves your information from year to year so I can just go back in and change the little things that would need changing. I also think most college students start getting their first job ever or they are working multiple at a time. Either of those could be intimidating to file taxes. MFT makes filing for newbies super friendly and while it still takes some reading it is not as scary as doing it completely on your own. It feels like someone is there to help walk you through the steps. As for multiple jobs or places of work. They make it super easy to file multiple. I was able to figure that out for the first time and I was not scared or intimidated about getting it wrong.


Have you been telling your friends about it? Why?



I have been telling my friends about MFT because I think people my age and until they have a full time job should take advantage of learning through this program because it is super forgiving, even if you mess up you can go back in and change something or add something.


It is free which helps every college student I know.


It’s fast which helps you not have to schedule a huge amount of time to sit down and get it done.


It does not just file your taxes it teaches you HOW to instead of just doing it for you. I like being in control of my stuff and knowing how to handle adult tasks by myself. So being able to tell my mom I already filed my taxes without her help is a great feeling. This also helps you if you do not have someone in your life that can help or knows how to even help.