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Char-Em United Way


Wednesday, September 21, 2011
When people ask me how things are going at Char-Em United Way, they are most interested in how we are coming at meeting our campaign goal. How red is the United Way thermometer?While we do set an ambitious campaign goal each year, I am more interested in telling the story of the impact we’re having on the community. While we need to reach our goal in order to have the funds to do the work, it is the work we do with the funds that is the important thing.Char-Em United Way is working to address our community’s most pressing needs for Education, Income and Health services. We do that by supporting effective programs of local non-profit health...
Thursday, September 15, 2011
To many– both year-round and seasonal residents – northern Michigan’s natural beauty seems idyllic. But behind the sun and fun, many of our neighbors’ lives are anything but idyllic.    Many are living on the edge; unable to provide their families with a living wage, decent housing, adequate food, and the stability they need.  United Way is here year round.  We see the needs and get the requests for assistance.  We are working to address our community’s needs for effective Education, Income and Health programs.  We know which programs are meeting those needs, effectively and efficiently.Education By most measures, the local education system...
Sunday, June 5, 2011
The United Way Campaign for the Common Good will mobilize millions of people and organizations across the country to take action and improve the education, income and health of America's communities. The campaign kicks off with a focus on education and an ambitious goal to cut the high school dropout rate in half.