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Char-Em United Way

2016-17 Community Investments

Char-Em United Way has reached out to Charlevoix and Emmet County human service providers and asked that letters of intent to apply for funding during the 2019-20 cycle be sent in by January 25, 2019. Programs aligning with our funding priorities will be sent a full application.

Please review our funding priorities and eligibility criteria.  If the project for which you are seeking funding meets these guidelines and you wish to apply for United Way funding, please submit a short Letter of Intent by 4 p.m., Friday, January 25, 2019.  The CEUW Investment Committee will review these letters and invite eligible agencies to submit full applications. New applicants are requested to call us first to discuss your program.  You will note that we are asking you to clearly identify the outcomes of the program for which you are seeking funding. CEUW is focusing on measuring results in programs and sharing our priorities with the community more effectively. We have set three priority funding areas, as well as priority outcomes for each, and will be making investments in promising programs which address these priorities. 

Letter of intent form

CEUW’s 2017 Funding Priorities focus on meeting the community’s needs for Education, Income and Health. 

These priorities will ensure that, with the increased need in our community for health and human services and with limited dollars available, our Community Investments, available through generous donors, are being made as wisely as possible.  We base our priority outcomes on the local Community Health Assessment and other need assessement data and United Way’s Education Initiative.  Our donors want to know that we are making the greatest possible impact in the areas of need identified by our community.  Therefore, CEUW is focusing on measuring results in programs and sharing our priorities with the community more effectively.

The next opportunity to apply for support will be in December 2019.

I would like to be notified when your next grant cycle is announced.