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Char-Em United Way

Emerging Needs Fund Grants

United Way holds 5% of each years investment dollars for special community investments to meet critical needs.  Typically about $25,000 is available in our Emergency Needs Fund to address inovative programs or emergency needs that arise during the year outside of our annual community investment process. If the funds are not used in any given year, they are invested through our traditional allocation process the following spring.

 “We are very pleased to be able to provide additional funding outside of our formal process,” says Therese Green, Chair of our Allocation Committee.  “This fund gives us flexibility to meet community needs that might arise in between our annual investment cycle.”
“The Emerging Needs Fund was conceived to meet new needs or to fund promising new solutions to existing needs.  With the continued economic challenges our community faces, all of these projects will help families improve their financial stability,” continued Green.
The funds are made available to all agencies immediately for use within three months.

Past grants have been made to; Good Samaritan Family Services, Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency (NMCAA), and the Salvation Army earmarked specifically for emergency utility assistance.   In addition, grants have been made to  Manna Food Project’s  Food Rescue project, The Petoskey Club, and NMCAA’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.