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10 Reasons to Volunteer

10 Reasons to Volunteer in Charlevoix and Emmet Counties!

No matter which community you live in- Pellston to Boyne Falls, East Jordan to Cross Village, Petoskey to Charlevoix- our communities big and small rely on the support and involvement of volunteers. Did you know that nearly 25% of Americans[1] volunteer their time? Here are 10 reasons to get out and volunteer today.

1)     Your Service is Invaluable! While the State of Michigan estimates that volunteer service is valued at approximately $23/hour, your service is so much greater than that. You provide the help needed for these agencies as they work to build a stronger community.

2)     Show your community pride.  Get involved and learn more about your community. Volunteering encourages the whole community to be proud of where we live.

3)     Learn new job skills (or share your expertise). Learn new skills by volunteering. This is especially great for high school and college students- you can get the work experience you need to help get into college or land the job of your dreams. High school students, ask us how to receive a Michigan State Service Award! Retired people can also use this time to keep their skills fresh, and to share their expertise and experience with your community.

4)     It’s a great family activity (and encourages philanthropy)! Your whole family can volunteer together, and you’ll also be teaching your children the idea of service and charity.

5)     Time to be social and meet new people. Volunteering can be a time to get out of the house, be active, and in the process, you’re guaranteed to meet other wonderful people from our communities.

6)     Anyone can do it. No matter your age, ability, or skill set- volunteering is for you.

7)     Giving Back without breaking the bank. What do you have to give that’s more valuable than money? Your time. Organizations need the financial support, but we require TIME from dedicated community members like you to be able to accomplish our work.

8)     Build a better community for future generations. Nonprofits exist to strengthen the community- they play an important role from providing services for those in need, to encouraging arts and creative thinking, to protecting our environment and our health. Volunteering is your opportunity to ensure a strong community for future generations.

9)     We’re here all year! Volunteers are needed all year. Are you a summer resident? There’s plenty of volunteer opportunities to help get you engaged in your summer community! Are you a family here all year but have a summer filled with plans? There are fall and winter volunteer needs too.

10)  See great spots and get a behind the scenes look! Have you ever wondered what your favorite group does behind those doors? How do they make the magic happen? Volunteering can be your time to see behind the scenes. It can also be a great way to get out and see new sites from a trail you haven’t been to before, spot a priceless Northern Michigan view, or explore a new community.

And a BONUS reason to volunteer:  It improves your health! People who volunteer have been shown to have lower blood pressure- and to live longer [2]. It’s a win-win!

So visit today to find volunteer opportunities in YOUR community.

PS: If you sign up and then become a fan of your favorite organizations, you’ll receive an email when they have new volunteer needs or opportunities. You can select a time that works best for you and sign up for a shift/project directly from the website. It's never been easier to get involved.