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Financial Information

As stewards of the community's investment in Char-Em United Way, we strive to be responsible and transparent in our use of funds.

  • Administration and Fundraising Expenses are kept as low as possible. In 2015-2016, they totaled 13.64%.
  • 81.5% of the funds raised are directly invested in health and human service programs that meet identified needs through partnerships with local agencies and our own Strategic Initiatives and Programs. Additionally, $85,000 outside of campaign was leveraged for programs in the 2016-17 fiscal year. Pledge loss is accounted for with a 3 year rolling average.
  • 100% of unrestricted funds raised stay in our community - for the 2016-17 campaign the Board of Directors has voted to direct their support to cover dues, meaning 100% of all other donations stay in Charelvoix and Emmet County.


Click here to view our 2015-2016 IRS Form 990
Click here to view our audited 2015-2016 Financial Statement